Lockdown Relax: Shops in sectors and colonies will be open from April 26

Shopping malls and shops alongwith NH-415 except pharmacies would not be allowed to resume their businesses until further order.

Itanagar- The Deputy Commissioner,  Capital Complex, Komkar Dulom said on Saturday that the District Administration has decided to relax the lockdown guidelines and will allow the shops in sectors and colonies to open with effect from April 26.

” All the shops in sectors, colonies and residential areas will be allowed to operate as like before lockdown, to be followed from the April 26,” the DC said.

DC, however, made it clear that shops will not be allowed to sell alcohol, pan-Gutkha, and tobacco products which are prohibited under revised guidelines on lockdown 2.0 issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) with time limit. the DC said.

DC also clarified that the exemption would be given only to the shops functioning in residential areas, and markets. Shopping malls and shops alongwith  NH-415 except pharmacies would not be allowed to resume their businesses until further order.

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He said shops selling educational books and electric fans, including transportation of hardware, reconstruction items such as cement rods,  rods have been exempted from the purview for carrying out construction activities in the rural areas and district.

Regarding the demand for a ban on the import of all types of meat and vegetables from Assam, DC said that it has not yet been scientifically proven that the virus can spread through consuming items and meats.

He observed that if the virus is transmitted through vegetables and meat items, MHA will sure certainly not allow it.

The DC requested all not to fall prey to conspiracy theories, myths and wrong information being circulated in social media.

” If we come across any such cases we will consult the highest authorities, health and agricultural expert. So far there is no evidence to support the theory that COVID 19 can spread through meats and veggies ” the DC said

Furthermore, DC asked shoppers and sellers to ensure that appropriate measures of hygiene are taken and social eviction norms are practiced.

Earlier DA Capital Complex has also relaxed the Coronavirus Lockdown in rural areas and ordered to resume construction, agricultural and other economic activities.


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