Laptap Landslide:  All 14 Bodies recovered and offered their last rites


Following a rescue operation on a level akin to war footing  carried out the NDRF team and the local youth volunteers, the bodies of all the 14 people buried alive in the tragic landslide at Laptap village have been recovered.

The local MLA  Nabam Tuki is stationed at the spot and personally monitoring the rescue operation.

Earlier in the morning, the chief minister  Pema Khandu and his cabinet ministers  made a spot visit to the affected area and made several announcements and grants.

The  house buried with 14 persons was the longest and biggest modernized traditional house measuring around 50 metres in length in Pech-Laptap area. There were six families jointly living in the house called “Nam Namda” which means “main house” in the Nyishi language. Each of the family had a separate fireplace or kitchen called “Emiq”. Besides, each of the six families had their own separate dwelling house built as a STP type building behind the main house.

The landslide, also caused substantial material damage as one scooter and 3 motor bikes, one main traditional local house, 5 nos. STP type houses and 6 nos. barn (grain storages) as well precious ornaments apart from separating the 14 deceased from their surviving relatives forever.

Although on a more positive note, the heads, i.e. the father or husbands of all the six families managed to make it out of the disaster alive

The members and the staff of the NBCC (Nyishi Baptist Church Council) too joined the rescue operation and are now leading the burial ceremony.


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