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Kanyakumari–Dibrugarh Vivek Express Hit Elephants near Jugijan


The 15905 Up Kanyakumari – Dibrugarh Vivek Express met with an accident near Jugijan railway station in Nagaon District last night at around 11.50 P.M. when a herd of wild elephants came on railway tracks and dashed against the train engine. However, neither the train was stalled nor there were any injury to any passenger. The driver of the train reported the incident at Jugijan railway station at around midnight. The train was delayed by half an hour but reached Dibrugarh this morning safely. A railway patrolling team this morning discovered the dead body of three elephants aged about 15, 13 and 3 years at the accident site and alerted the State Forest Department.

The incident happened when the herd of elephants was crossing the railway track from Kunduli Mari village to Santipur village at a location about 137 kilometre from Guwahati railway station. The spot of dashing is not a notified elephant corridor. As such there was no speed restriction on the section. This is the first time such an accident of train knocking down elephants happened at the location. Following the incident, all train drivers are alerted to avoid recurrence of such accidents for the safety of passengers and elephants.


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