Kalikho Pul ask Student leaders, work with passion and zeal


Chief Minister Kalikho Pul  urged to AAPSU student leaders to work with full passion and zeal,  work for students’ welfare with a mission mode, connect with the people for whom you are working for. Then only you can win their hearts and minds.  ” said the chief minister to the student leaders, who had called on him to discuss on a comprehensive education policy for the state.

kalikho-pul-with-student-1 “AAPSU is the apex body of student community. If you do not work for the welfare of the students, how will you represent the student community? What will you tell the people of what have you achieved in your tenure of 3 years?” Pul asked the student leaders.

“Other issues are seasonal. It will come and go. I may be wrong in saying that but education should be the priority, because we are sowing the seeds for better tomorrow,” said the chief minister.

Requesting for cooperation in improving the education scenario of the state, he assured that “every school in all constituencies will be provided equal facilities as per the required format.”

 “All our welfare policies and programmes announced earlier are already passed by the cabinet. You can feel the difference now. All pending salaries, wages, stipends, MR bills, have been released.

Government of India is not providing extra funds today and the state plan size is same as before. But I have made the funds available now. What we need is right intention, proper management and judicious use of state’s resources,” said Pul.

On Chakma and Hajong issue, Pul advised them to first bring awareness in people. Encouraging the student leader on the issue, Pul said, “When you work on any issue, you must be well versed. All facts and figures must be at your fingertips.”

“Whatever the issue you raise, welfare of people should be the prime objective. When you do good and constructive works, you will get no time to think of other activities” said the chief minister.

“As long as I am the chief minister — even for a day or a year, I will work for the welfare of the people. For that I need your support. But If I am wrong, you should also correct me,” Pul urged.

Appreciating the chief minister’s zeal to work for better Arunachal, AAPSU leaders acknowledged that it was their first time that they had the chance to discuss on welfare issues at such open and frank level.

Shortages of subject teachers and arriving at proper recruitment policy to meet the gap through relaxation in reservation system were also discussed.


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