Itanagar- Work of NH-415 delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic- Officials

Itanagar-  Work of NH-415 delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic, we are trying to provide better roads to the denizens of Capital Complex but would take time, said Chief engineer (Highways) Kuru Sera.

Sera made the statement after undertaking site inspections of roads, bridges and culverts from Chandranagar to Karsingsa today. Chief engineer Sera was accompanied by PWD and Home commissioner Kaling Tayeng, representatives of executive agencies and other officials concerned of Highway department.

Commenting on the under-construction bridge over Senki River at Chandranagar here, Sera said that the bridge was supposed to be completed by September this year but due to the outbreak of pandemic and following lockdowns, the work progress got stalled.

Stating that currently the contractors concerned do not have the manpower required to complete the bridge due to COVID-19 lockdown, the chief engineer however informed that the contractor concerned have assured to start the work of the bridge construction by September first week and to complete it within three to four months time.

Regarding the bridge over Yagamso stream in Chandranagar, Sera said that since the matter in sub-judiced, he cannot comment on its completion as of now.

As for the underpass from Capital Auto Agency to Bank Tinali, Sera said that they have asked the contractor concerned to first complete the road construction work before taking up the underpass works.


The mentioned underpass comes under the third phase of the Highway development project. The first phase of the project includes road construction works, formation cutting, soling and metaling while culverts and bridges come under the second phase. There are around 35 culverts to be completed under the second phase with one near Shiv Mandir along Itanagar- Naharlagun road being the longest (40 meters) and almost all are completed.

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Meanwhile, commissioner Tayeng also acknowledged that the work progress is not as it was supposed to be but said that it is due to outbreak of pandemic the pandemic and subsequent onset of monsoon.

He, however, said that they will work out all possible modalities to expedite the work post monsoon. Tayeng added that as of now their priority is to clear the road for free movement of traffic.


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