Itanagar: Women and youth groups carried out sanitization, distributed 700 face mask

Itanagar-  The women’s and youth groups of Ward No 2 today carried out sanitization works in several colonies including Police colony, SRPL and  PHQ etc and also distributed 700 face mask to the needy people.


A local women leader, Yania Niji inform that since nationwide lockdown 1,  we the women groups has been engaged ourselves in several social welfare activities which include distribution of ration items, helping the needy persons in their activities.

Today the youths of the area has initiated the programme for sanitization of the area and the necessary requirement of chemicals and other required facility was arranged from well wishers. It was necessary to l.ive in hygiene as the monsoon is nearing and there are rainfall daily and due to which several drains and other roads and paths in the colony need to be sanitized to remain away from several other disease and insects.

Cleanliness and hygiene is the need of hours, we have sensitizes the local residents and  shall continue with such activities even the lockdown 4.0 is announced. We are passing though critical days and we have to remain very alert to save ourselves from Coronavirus (Covid-19). She added.

Today we have distributed more than 700 face mask to the local resident of Police colony and SRPL colony. She further said.

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A youth leader, Kamku Lamyo said that the attack by the Coronavirus has given us a good lesson to remain alert as and when required. Out people should obey lockdown order and adhere to the guidelines and follow law and order. If we continue to obey the necessary guidelines of MHA and health department we hope that the state may remain in green zone.

He urge upon all section of society to maintain social distancing and wear facemask as guiding by the medical fraternity for our safety from the deadly Coronavirus (Covid-19). Lamyo said.



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