Itanagar: We need to remain more cautious after Unlock- 4 says DC, ICR

‘Rapit Antigen test will be held only at all check gates from morning 8 AM to 8 PM on payment basis.

Itanagar:  Maximum  restrictions  has been lifted in Unlock-4 to run the day to day life smoothly, but  we need to remain more cautious in fighting Pandemic, Said Komkar Dulom, DC, ICR.

Talking to press today afternoon here at his office at Chandanagar Dulom said that “we have move toward unlock IV and state government  has lifted several restriction in new SoP begins from Sept 1”.

‘Rapit Antigen test will be held only at all check gates from morning 8 AM to 8 PM on payment basis. The amount has been fixed to Rs. 500 from Non APST while it will be Rs. 250 for locals APST, state and central government employees on duty’. He said.

“A major decision the state government has taken is that there shall no facility and paid quarantine as earlier where the  returnees were kept for five days has been lifted and all hotels has been allowed to run the normal business, all returnees now can directly go to their workplace and maintain SoP to remain safe, secure, healthy and they are requested to take care and precaution for at least 14 days”. He said.

Hotel, Restaurant, Yoga centre, Jimkhana has been allowed to run their normal business and informed that the SoP issued by Govt of India on June 4 need to be followed, meantime the capital administration will conduct a meeting of hotel, jim etc immediately and will issue advisory and advice’. Dulom said.

“Trucks coming to Itanagar city loaded with food items are allowed 24×7 while the trucks coming in capital and exist within 8 hours are exempted for antigen test and will be allowed to enter from Hollongi check gate. The trucks loaded with other items are regulated as earlier and they will only allowed to enter after office hours like earlier to avoid traffic jam in capital city while truck for Naharlagun and Nirjuli will continue to come from Banderdea chakgate . The Truck going to other district may continue to take Gumto check gate”. DC said.

The opening and closure of shops on left and right side system in capital has been lifted and now all the shops can be opened as normal but maintain proper SoP so that no one is infected. Please avoid overcrowding He observed.

The state government has directed for compulsory use of facemask and the fine has also been raised to Rs. 500 and Rs, 200 for spitting in public places which is suspected to the source of infection and liable for legal action. He informed.

The Covid Care centre (CCC) shall continue and it is free of all charges, he said added that the left and right system for opening of shops has  been lifted and all are allowed to open but maintain all SoP to remain safe. He said.

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Referring to rise in cases in nearly state of Assam DC said It has been reported from various sources that many people in market are not using the facemask which is a very serious trend and which may led to infection and spread of Corona virus and appeal all section of society to maintain the new normal of the SoP by wearing compulsory facemask and social distancing all the occasion and places. Use of hand sanitizer is advised. He said.

There are some issue with regards to weekly market and as per SoP there are no clear instruction for opening of place of mass gathering like weekly market, cinema hall in the SoP and hope that after September 21st September any direction may come and there are  discouraged. He said.

He further said that the state government has lifted the ban on issue and renewal of Inner Line Permit (ILP) and also for renewal of ILP of the people living inside the ILP jurisdiction.


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