Itanagar- Traffic management is a responsibility for all- Dobing Sonam


Traffic management is a responsibility for all including the individuals commuters while on road- said All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation {AAPPTF) President Dobing Sonam. If everyone should follow traffic rule then, huge traffic jam may not be created. He said.

Sonam said there is a rule of law and everybody should follow,  including  all commercial , private  and government vehicles except who are exempted to attend urgent nature of work in the interest of public service.

“Very soon we will arrange a meeting of all commercial/public transport federation and all the stake holders like DC, SP, DTO, Traffic officers will be invited where mass awareness will be given to all. Various do and dont’s will also be informed accordingly.

He however said that it is must that all the vehicle owners and drivers should update their vehicle documents as well as maintain their vehicle which are being used for commercial purpose.

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He also said traffic problem may reduced if all people including vehicle owners and drivers put their hands together and work to curb the menace of traffic jam.

He was given warm reception at Naharlagun Railway station by leaders of various unit of transport federation of capital complex. Sonam and his team of 12 members who attended national level ‘ All India Bharatiya Privat transport Majdoor Maha Sangh” meetings at New Delhi from June 14 to 16 June 2019.

Sonam was also appointed as National Secretary of All India Bharatiya Privat Transport Majdoor Maha Sangh ( AIBPTMM).


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