Itanagar: stakeholders discussed regulating prices of essential commodities

Itanagar-    The Deputy Commissioner Itanagar Capital Region Komkar Dulom convened a meeting with all the stakeholders  to discuss regarding regulation of price of essential commodities and other items.

 ADM, Talo Potom who had been carrying out regular checking drives along with APMC and Officers of LM&CA informed that many traders have been booked for violation and that the drive will continue in the coming days too.

ADC Talom Dupak stressed that proper checking should be carried out at check gate itself so that uniformed price could be set and those charging exorbitant rates should not be allowed to enter.

APMC Member Secretary Dolang Akom also informed that regular supply of vegetables from Seppa, sagalee, yazali/ yachuli side are being facilitated to ensure sufficient supply of vegetables to capital Region.

DFCSO Amit Bengia stressed that rates of items especially perishable items tends to change, hence the rates should be regulated very week as per availability of resources.

The DC stressed that it is a long drawn fight which may last for months together. And the best weapons that we have with which to fight are Social distancing, Mask and Personal Hygiene.


Hence it is the responsibility of every individual to win this fight together against COVID-19.

He also stressed that it is the social responsibility of the consumers to ask for cash memos after every purchase. The DC also informed that a committee would be formed to check into the matter of price hike and strict action would be taken against the violators of regulated prices and MRP.

The Committee will also regulate  transportation charges for ferrying vegetables / meat/ poultry products etc from outside the state. He has also asked the shopkeepers to ensure that the consumers maintain social distancing while purchasing.

Among others, SP Tumme Amo, representatives of APCC, AAPHSVF, CRO, AAPPTF, e-commerce services and other HoDs attended the meeting.


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