Itanagar: protest against alarming trend of impunity of crimes against journalist in India

ITANAGAR: The state press fraternity of Arunachal Pradesh today joined the International Federation of Journalist (IFJ) and Indian Journalist Union (IJU) in registering its protest against the alarming trend of impunity for crimes against journalists in India.

As part of the protest campaign on the theme ‘End Impunity’, the Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalist (APUWJ) staged a silent protest at the premises of the Arunachal Press Club, here.

On the sideline of the protest, APUWJ assistant general secretary Sonam Jelly said that the Indian government has drastically failed in providing justice to the journalist against whom crimes are committed with impunity.

He informed that about 55 journalists have been slain in between the year 2010 to 2020 but only one such case has been resolved while the rest are still looking for an honorable closure.

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Pointing out that even the shooting incident case of The Arunachal Times deputy editor Tongam Rina is yet to be solved and the evidences against which has reportedly gone missing from the court records itself, Jelly said,

“We are not asking the government to assign security personnel for journalist but at least we should be provided with such an environment where we can uphold our status as fourth pillar of democracy with a sense of confidence that justice will be delivered if some untoward happens to us in the line of duty.”

Agreeing with the opinions of APUWJ assistant general secretary, APC assistant general secretary Manoj Singh said that many including political parties undermine the press which should not be the case and that we (Press) be given an environment secure enough where we can discharge our duty honorably.

“Media fraternity in the country is always at the receiving end while discharging their duty. We work within the line of the Indian Constitution and therefore the government should also make sure that crimes against journalists are dealt with conviction,” he added.

Meanwhile, Itanagar-based-journalist Karpu Chisi highlighted the issues female journalists have to face in the line of duty, and called for gender equality and protection against online abuse.


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