Itanagar: Niba hospital to remain closed for five days

As per information 21 staffs were infected while three more were infected till today.....

Nahrlagun: All the services including the emergency services of Niba Hospital situated at Papu Nallah, will remain closed for five days as several staff of the hospital have tested COVID-19 positive, informed Dr. Jomson Bagra, Managing Director of  Niba Hospital .

Dr Bagra informed the media that several staffs of the hospital has been infected with the Coronavirus (Covid 19) previously and few of them has been recovered so far and are under medication or in isolation or in quarantine as a safety measures.

As per information 21 staffs were infected while three more were infected till today and most of the staffs who has been infected are the technical’s and professionals, due to which there is difficulty for smooth functioning of the normal functioning of the service including OPD, IPD and emergency. Dr. Bagra said.

As per sources more than 100 staffs and patients has been infected inspite of several measures has been taken up by the hospital, we have a testing centre for the Covid 19 we do test the normal people and patient. He informed.

The trend of infection in capital and state is increasing day by day and it is impossible to continue the services and there is a need of brake so that the staffs under treatment/isolation/quarantine are recovered for which the management has taken to shut down all its services from Sept 25 to 30. He said.

Since a new SoP may come up by the centre and state before completion of the Unlock-4 and we will also act accordingly, however till such time we are taking care of our dozens of staffs. He said.

Dr. Bagra further appeal the citizens of twin capital city and state to maintain SoP, guidelines and advisory by the central ands state government and administration and medical department  and remain safe.

He also regretted the inconvenience which may because to the patient during the shutdown.

It is to mention that the Niba Hospital has close down its OPD services on July 23 for three days.


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