Itanagar: Man who cheated Rs 50 thousand claiming himself as PA to MLA, arrested by Capital Police

Itanagar-    Man who cheated Rs.  50,000/- from  another person claiming himself as PA to Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso is now  sent to behind the  bar by Capital Police, informed Tumme Amo, SP, Capital Complex.

SP informed that ” Today an  FIR was registered on the complaint of Manoj Baruah  ( 42 )  who is the son of Dipen Baruah , Branch Manager, Axis Bank, Naharlgun to the effect that on 28/4/20,  one person called the complainant over phone claiming himself to be PA of Techi Kaso HMLA -13th Itanagar and requested to Transfer Rs.  50,000/- in  A/C no. 093501516061 belonging to Ajit Kanu and stated  that one of the daughters of MLA was travelling from Bangalore to Itanagar and got stuck on the way  due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The person also stated that he could not do the transaction due to the ongoing lockdown in Capital Complex but will come to the bank to return the money. As per his request, Rs. 50,000/- was transferred to the above account. Accordingly, the complainant contacted MLA and learnt that he had never given such instruction to his PA or any other person.

Previously, the accused used same modus operandi to cheat Rs. 80,000 from Prasanta Neog, Branch Managar ICICI Bank, Naharlgun during March 2020. The accused also called several branch managers of Capital complex  and attempted to cheat them but police had already alerted all the banks in Capital Complex about such mischievous activities.

 The number of accused was put under surveillance and CDR was obtained. During analysis of his CDR and bank statements, it was revealed that the accused cheated many innocent local girls by impersonating himself as Junior Engineer.

Police convinced one of his girlfriends to call him at Itanagar and help police in nabbing him. On 28th June his location was found at Lekhi, Nirjuli.

On further enquiry, it was revealed that the accused entered into Arunachal Pradesh, stayed at State Quarantine Centre at  Lekhi, introducing himself as govt. employee and changed his name to Anurag Kanu whereas, his actual name is Ajit Kanu S/o- Lt Nipen Chandra Kanu R/o Lakhimpur (Assam).

Police team was waiting for his COVID-19 test report and discharge from SQC.  Today, on 8th July his COVID-19 test result was found negative and he was arrested.


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