Itanagar- Long queue of shopkeepers to buy cigarette

Itanagar-   A long queue of  shopkeepers to buy cigarettes was witness near C Sector on road side of National Highway-415.


Few shopkeepers said that since due to lockdown several shops and markets in the city were closed down and even after the relaxation in the nationwide lockdown-3 the selling of cigeratte was not open and due which there was a huge scarcity. The scarcity led to rush today and on earlier occasion.

One shopkeeper said that I visited few days back also and buy cigarette but there was chaos among the customers to get the item from the dealer located on roadside. There was huge rush on last day also and due to which there were confrontation among the customers and police was called to maintain the rush.

The officials of the ITC dealer inform that though there was huge rush on previous day selling of the products but today we inform the local police station since early morning and due to which the customers are standing in queue and also maintaining social and physical distancing norms to fight Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Manager inform that there are more than thousand shops and gumti who sell cigarette to manage all we have been trying to mitigate them by providing a reasonable quantity to each customers to manage the balance among them. It has also been observed that some customers has bring their friends and relatives with them who are also in the queue which also add to the rush.

Everything would be normalized gradually the managed added.

Locals however allege that they dealer are not fulfilling our requirement as per the demand of our customers in the market due to which we have to come to dealer again and again and this is the main reason of the rush and in some case it breach the social distancing norms.


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