Itanagar: long queue before the bridge on river Sinkey at chandanager

Itanagar: The commuters of Itanagar has been facing lots of inconvenience and wastage their time while standing in long queue for their turn to cross the bridge located at Chandanager on river Sinkey toward their own destination. They appeal to the highway administration to immediately start the construction of the said bridge and complete it at earlier as possible.

The official date of completion of the National Highway-415 from Chandanager to Papu Nallah tri-junction is approaching, but there are lots of work still to be done by the executing agency.

However the state government has constituted a high power committee but it is useless, because the work remain in the same speed and hardly few changes has been seen on the ground.

It is true that , the Covid pandemic has derailed all development activities but the Naharlaugn Highway division should take up the matter very seriously as the bridge construction would have been done in a smooth way without any hindrances as it was the starting point of the work so that it is completed soon for smooth flow of traffic at Chandannagar”.

Naharlahun, Highway Division Executive Engineer, Nani Tath when contacted inform that everyone is very much disturbed by the Covid pandemic and it has really affected all activities including the road construction.

The monsoon fury this year has also add several untold suffering including the damage of infrastructure and has halted the work progress for several months. Thath said.

However the construction work of bridge on river sinkey has already been started by the executing agency, but it was delayed due to Covid pandemic, heavy rain and flood in the river”. Tath said.

‘We are closely planning for last two days that by March two lane bridge should be completed, abatement at one end has been completed and intermediate Pier is also completed and cap is to be laid, while there is no hindrance for abatement on other end and laying will be started and pier will be laid, after the abatement is completed, the girder and deck slab will be done simultaneously, there will be two double lane bridge measuring 23 X 2 = 46 metre with footpath provision”, Tath added.

We are hopeful that one side double lane bridge will be competed before March. Tath further said.


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