Itanagar- IMC motivated its workers who are actively fighting coronavirus


Banderdewa-   Itanagar Municipal Corporation ( IMC ) today motivated all its sanitary workers and officials who are  actively fighting Coronavirus (Covid-19). They playing very importan role in sanitizing and keeping clean the entire capital complex.

IMC Executive Engineers Tadar Tarang who is leading the team of sanitary workers and officials of IMC which include engineers, veterinary doctors, supervisors and others creating mass awareness and  sanitizing several checkgates which include Banderdewa and Hollongi since day one of the nationwide lockdown is also doing its best effort in sanitizing several other commercial and other places in capital complex.

Tarang while briefing the media said that we do not get together as our forces has been distributed in several parts of capital complex and doing their duty with outmost sincerity and dedication for the welfare of humanity during the nationwide lockdown. There are several challenges but we are anyhow managing all odds and putting efforts wehat we have been assigned for.

Our workforce has been divided into team at Hollongi, Banderdewa, PTC and another team who sanitize all the facility quarantine at Itanagar and Naharlaugun.  Apart of normal duty of garbage management we have been assigned this sanitization by the authority we continue to do so until the pandemic is over. The machines, firm and essential itesm required for the work are also arranged from time to time.

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There are some problem which has been raised by the workers which would be taken into consideration and security of the workers is also taken as priority. Necessary gloves, mask and hanwash and other items for those who are assigned special duty and taken care. Tarang said.

He said our works could not have been successful until the active support of the Fire & Emergency services officers and workers, the support of Capital police, medical teams, media and all are praise worthy and lauded and appeal for continuous support so that we can win the battle against the Covid.

Tarang however said this is critical time we are passing through and once again appeal all to shoulder their responsibility for the welfare of the society and extend all possible support for the welfare of humanity.


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