Itanagar : FIR against IRBn personnel who manhandled a health worker


An FIR ( First Information Report ) had been registered against IRBn personnel who allegedly manhandled  a health staff serving as  SI ( NVBDCP) in DHS, Naharlagun while returning home after attending assigned COVID-19 duties near Catholic Church, D Sector, Nirjuli on April 7. Said Capital SP Tumme Amo.

Director  Health Services, M Lego wrote a letter to officer in charge, Naharlagun PS,  and  expressed deep concern over the incident. Accordingly I have directed Nirjuli police station officer to registered a case and start with investigation process, SP said.

 Dr. M Lego in his letter said that the incident took place near D Sector, he was physically assaulted  by IRBn personals while returning to his home.

The Director,  in the FIR mentioned that ”  an official who is part of Emergency Essential Services(EES) carrying valid documents, which include I Card issued by DHS, special movement permit given by district Magistrate, driving license and other documents, but despite all these the police personnel manhandled him on the name of defying Section 144 CrPC is not accepted .

Furthermore, the Director urged the concerned authority to initiate and investigate into the unfortunate incident of violence of human rights.

He also requested to initiate necessary action against the IRBn personal within 36 hours and urged the authority to endure that such incident is not repeated again.

Amo further inform hat a case has been registered at Nirjuli police station vide PS case 13/20 U/S 341/325/323/34 IPC and endorsed it to Dy SP, Riki Kamsi for investigating the case.

To ensure free and transparent enquiry into the incident, the Dy SP level enquiry into the matter has been ordered so that those involved in the incident are brought to light and booked. Amo added.


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  1. Police should at times apply their mind and moral too while enforcing the rule of law.They should not act like a herd of sheep where a sheep leaves the safe passage and jumped off the hurdle, everyone starts to follow the first.Now-a-days,in various parts of our country the police is compelling to use an excessive forces to make people follow the lock down.
    Our country is said to be a unity in diversity and diversity in unity,so our problems are. Sometimes,they should consider the circumstances and act according to the situation.Who knows,the man passing on the road may be better help with helping hands instead of beating him off.

    1. Why only police should be held responible for this case, it is must that the men whom this 144crcp is exempted must carry & provide their ID card at the moment when police ask them show. If a men forgot their ID card in their home or work place then it’s not the fault of police. Police do their duty keep on asking you to provide your identity. If police give let go on people by hearing their verble grievance than many are their to the advantages of this so it is necessary that police had to abide in the law. Man on duty must give respect & put fort their grievance politely but someperson in high rank in other department behave arrogantly with police & their way of reply is rough used abusive words like “you 8th passed police who are you to stop me. These like behave of some staff of other department which compelled police to charge a lathi on him/her. If you forgot your ID proof you can politely request but the way of treating reply is diffult to every police on duty. Your challenging reply to police on is sole responsible for police to take action on you. Police here to hear your grievance, to understand your difficulty but not to hear your rough treating challenge on police. Wheather you may rich, popular,VIP etc you have to show your valide card of which you are provided by magistrate.

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