Itanagar fight Covid-19: flying squad in action in capital complex- DMO

Telephone no, 2212631 for Itanagar while 2351850 for Naharlaugn will remain open from 9 AM to 8 PM

Itanagar-  Two Tele consultation team is being start functioning for Itanagar and Naharlagun respectively with five flying squad constituted for all twenty wards for better management of Covid 19 in capital complex. informed  Dr Mandip Perme,  DMO, Capital Complex.

Both the consultation team will remain touch with person with covid positive staying in home isolation and they can have their consultation with regards to health status and other issues during the isolation period.

Anyone having any doubt and confusion may get their consultation with the attending doctors at both numbers. The team will also monitor the person though the consultancy centre. He said.

Telephone no, 2212631 for Itanagar while 2351850 for Naharlaugn will remain open from 9 AM to 8 PM and get their doubt and confusion and other consultancy with the doctors. He said.

Five flying squad is also start functioning in all twenty wards. One flying squad will monitor four wards While one mobile flying squad will stationed at DMO Capital office who will reached out at emergency places. He said.

Now we are living in unlock and most of the activities are free and all types of economic activities are open and functioning. But it does not mean that we should remain careless and SoP need to be strictly implemented in later and spirit. He said.

In view of spike of Covid positive cases coming from various check gate in capital complex, the capital administration has banned the entry of labourers for last one month and during the time we have been able to manage the Covid care centers and able to admit the patient upto some extend. DMO said.

The covid 19 positive cases are rapidly increasing which is  a serious trend.  at present  20 % of the total positive cases are symptomatic and they need special care and attention by themselves and their family members as well as medical fraternity. He said.

More than 1300 covid positive cases are there and more than two hundred  various DCH/CCC while more than one thousand people are in home isolation and till date 10 people has died and it is a serious trend going on. We are need to be careful and remain alert while precautionary measures has be taken up properly. DMO said.

Till date we have tested more than eighty five thousand eight hundred people in the capital region  through RTPCR, trunat and RAT antigen. More than four thousand four hundred people has been tested positive and more than three thousand people has been discharged so far. Dr, Perme said.

The testing for Covid will continue at all the chekgate including fourteen all designated centre which include hospital/ CHC and other places but the doctors has been asked to reached out to the flying squad and the check gates will be managed with other staffs already posted there.  The rate has been made inform for RAT antigen test @ Rs. 250 for all category. He informed.

We are passing through critical time as it has been witness that many people are not observing the SoP which are issued for good health and in the greater interest of the public services. We have to change our behavior and through which we can contain the spread of the Coronavirus in our capital complex and state.

He requested the person living in home isolation to remain properly and carefully and obey SoP and also all the general public to use facemask and maintain social distancing and always use hand washing by which we can be able to stop the chain of Coronavirus in more area. DMO added.

DMO Perme further appeal all section of society to join hands and support each other and family members and near and dear one and advice them to obey guidelines, advisory and maintain all SoP issued by central and state government in fight against Coronavirus (Covid 19).


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