Itanagar: Drive against those not wearing Masks will continue- Capital Police

Itanagar : Our drive against those who are not wearing masks when they out from their house specially in the open market will continue, said a lady Inspector of Itanagar Police station.

Inspector Melia Mibang inform that ” we are actually creating awareness among the citizens to take precautionary measure to remain safe, secure so that no one will infected by the coronavirus (Covid 19) for which everyone has to wear facemask which is mandatory as per medial fraternity.

“ we are following the order of the district magistrate” and it will continue till the pandemic is over. Today  drive was carried at three places simultaneously in the Itanagar, and also carried out in Naharlagun and other places. She said.

Now most of people have come to know about the importance of Facemask and maintaining social distancing but some of them are doing careless and we fined them for not wearing facemask.

Now these days the infection is rapidly increasing and time has come that everyone has to remain alert and obey the SoP and guidelines and advisory issued by administration and health department which are issued for protection of health and safety of the general masses from the pandemic. Inspector Mibang added.

She further appeal all the citizens and NGOs to work in creating awareness among the general masses about the safety and precautionary measured to be taken up by the general masses to remain safe from the infection of the Coronavirus (Covid 19).


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