Itanagar: denizens declared their own lockdown in several colonies

Itanagar- The denizens of several colonies in Itanagar Capital complex has declared their own lockdown and erected barricades at the entrance of their colonies.

The  people of Niya colony and Niti Vihar put up barricades in their respective areas to ban the entry and exit of the people. However the movement of people on urgent medical needs along people working in emergency services will be allowed.

The Niya colony welfare committee chairman Yora Tachik said that the lockdown of colony has been done in view of the rising cases of Covid 19 in the state. “The virus is spreading in the capital region and the threat is real. This is part of our effort to help the authorities in the battle against Covid 19.

As Covid positive cases  increasing in capital complex, so that and we have to keep our self isolated and avoid going to public places and gathering area and we also should avoid calling any guest and visiting to anyone house even in own colony/sector and villages in such areas of capital complex, Tachik said.

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The same thing is carried out in Niti viahr also. Here people erected a barricade at the entrance. The Chairman Niti Vihar Welfare Committee Phurpa Tsering informed that lockdown of colony is till 20th of this month and has sought cooperation of the public in this regard.


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