Itanagar- Culvert on bypass road connecting ESS Sector is ready for inauguration

Itanagar-  The RCC culvert on bypass road connecting with Ganga Market at One side and DDK, CMs resident and Raj bhawan on other side is completed and ready for inauguration.

The locals inform that that there was a small hume pipe system for drainage of water from one side of road toward other side in the valley but due to heavy downpour and landslide it does not last long and washed away.

However it continue as it was but in subsequent time it also collapse down and the road connecting several, important  installation like Rajbhawan, Telegraph colony, Doordarshan, several private and government resident/bunglow of Chief Minister and several other lawmakers exist which remain disconnected by this road.

This road in one way is an important road which connect almost 20 percent resident of one side of the city which start from Ganga Market Via capital SP office, G Extension, DDK Colony and several other. this road also act as bypass road of Itanagar and in some occasion the traffic are diverted towards the said road and is one of the important road of the city. Another senior person said.

There are several arterial road connected with this bypass road like road from AP Legislative Assembly, road from AP Civil Sectt, road from RWD Colony, road from D Sector, C Sector and P Sector and other area and play a vital connectivity to thousand of local resident for going to market and offices and other places. A senior officer said.

We were waiting for several years that the state government will construct this culvert which will connect all these sector and colony together in on e street and also it will reduce the traffic congesant on the National highway-415. A senior government office inform.

However it is a great relief for all the commuters specially the commuters of several colony and sector of Itanagar that the said culvert has been completed and is ready and it is under curing position and it may be inaugurated at any time. A local resident of ESS Sector said.

This place has been visited by several top leaders and top officials of several department, administration of state in subsequent years but the government has provided fund in last year only after lots of persuasion and at last PWD has done has constructed it through agency and lots of thanks that the agency has done it in a short duration in the time of Covid-19 pandemic in spite of acute shortage of manpower in the time of outbreak of coronavirus across the state. a local leader of the area. The local resident further said.

He further appeal the government and PWD department to immediately to check the whole stretch right from Ganga market to P Sector and immediately repair and renovate so that the movement of the vehicles can be maintained smoothly.


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