Itanagar: Capital police seized 26 stolen luxury vehicles, arrested two people

till today 26 luxury vehicle has been seized including 22 Toyota Fortuner, two Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza and 2 Hyundai Creta.

Itanagar-    The  Superintendent of Police (SP) of Capital region, Tumme Amo today disclosed 17 owners name from whom recently capital police has seized 26 stolen luxury vehicles.

While briefing the media here at SP office, Tumme Amo informed that after getting inputs and complaints of running and reaching of many fake registration number and stolen vehicles in capital complex, accordingly Capital police on action under the guidance of SP capital from December last and till today 26 luxury vehicle has been seized including 22 Toyota Fortuner, two Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza and 2 Hyundai Creta.

Capital police also arrested two vehicle dealers, namely Pasang Tamag and Vickey Gurung on 22nd January last, with two stolen vehicles, both of them now on bail. With leads and inputs from  Pasang Tamang 11 vehicle has been seized and 3 from Vickey Gurung.

As per their investigation maximum vehicles are recorded as stolen and case registered at many police stations of other state like Delhi , Hariyana, Gujrat Panjab etc. we traced out the details of 20 Vehicles which is of theft but 5 out of 26 yet to trace out.

During our investigation we found that chesses numbers of 5 vehicles has same and we also found that the vehicle lifter gang is active in Delhi.

Out of total 22 Toyota fortuner vehicle recovered so far 1 vehicle was robbed at gun point from NCR and belongs to the family member of Bihar former Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Stating that the buyers of second and third-hand vehicles with forged documents are also liable for legal action and can be charged under Section 411 of IPC with a minimum of 3 years imprisonment.

Amo also disclosed names of 18 persons who were allegedly buy  these stolen vehicles seized from them are Bamang Yakiya, Michi Tamang, Neelam John, Tapak Natam, Tabe Marging , Taisen Malling roomching , Tichi Tabang , Akhya Pordung, Kaya Tara, Tagung Neri , Bamang Taigh, Dangu Mama, Toko Tam ,Ravindra Tana, Nabam Takar , Taba Tader , Giogi Powak and Doba lamnio and others.

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Few of vehicles has been found abandoned condition by police from different locations of the Capital Region. Still date no owner is claiming.

 Amo appealed to the people in the Capital Complex not to buy used vehicles from outside the State. “If at all you are purchasing any second or third-hand vehicle, then ensure that it is verified by the police,” the SP said.

He also informed that during investigation 6 were found with fake registration from Capital Region DTO, and 4 from Kurung Kumey and others district. Police is also initiating legal process against all those registering officers involved in the case and verification and investigation is on. He informed.

 He added that the case is under investigation and a case would be registered against all those involved in the racket as per requirement and the process of the case in due course of time.

After actual verification of the entire vehicle police is going to submit report to court and court will be decide.

He also expresses his gratitude for all the informers and those who supported and helped the capital police in recovering all these vehicles which are seized so far and assured that there are such many vehicle and capital police has alerted all SP of district to take necessary legal action in their respective area. He added.

We are still investigating and is continue with communicating with other states police too but due to corona virus pandemic situation we little slow.

Capital Police team led by Dy SP K. Sikom, SDPO, Itanagar, SI N. Nishant, Inspector M Geyi and team effort and hard work of all it was a successful one. Amo further said.


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