Itanagar: APB&OCWWB distributes cheques to beneficiaries

Ration to needy people during lockdown

Itanagar-    The Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board (APB & OCWWB) have started distributing cheques to various beneficiaries of both unorganized and organized sectors under various schemes across the state.

The board has handed over cheques to about 21 beneficiaries in the capital complex, who had earlier applied for various schemes under the board.

The aids would be distributed under schemes for the death of registered laborers, medical assistance, Retirement and education grant, general maternity, housing and marriage benefits, etc.

While announcing a relief package of Rs 36 lakh 28 thousand for the poor by APB & OCWWB, Jalley Sonam said that the funds will be used exclusively for the welfare of its registered construction workers to cope with the crisis due to the ongoing lockdown.

” We are distributing the money in the form of a cheque instead of directly transferring it to bank accounts of beneficiaries as most of the laborers does not have a bank account.  But the effort is underway to open a bank account for each registered worker, ” Sonam divulged.

He clarified that the system would help the Board maintain a database of all the beneficiaries,  history, and status of grants received and applied, in addition, to properly monitor and evaluate the distribution and withdrawal in districts.


Earlier the state government has announced an emergency relief package in the backdrop of Coronavirus outbreak followed by subsequent lockdown for laborers.

” We have also decided to release two months subsidy (Rupees  4000 ) to each beneficiary announced under the  Relief Fund, “Sonam said.

Sonam also said that to help registered laborers cope up with the ongoing situation, the board is also distributing ration items and providing basic amenities from time to time.

He appealed all 46000 workers registered not to worry as each one will receive the benefits announced by the government.

Asserting that the board is working tirelessly for workers’ safety, health, and welfare, Sonam called upon the workers to come forward to avail the schemes.

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