Itanagar: 841 people are in home quarantine

7 suspected cases, 4 quarantine centre established - Capital DC


“There are a total of 841 people under home quarantine in the state capital,  Out of 7 suspected cases, 5 samples were tested negative and awaiting the result of remaining 2 samples sent for testing today,” said Komkar Dulom, Capital Deputy Commissioner said on Sunday.

Dulom said that all individuals who were put under Home Quarantine are being regularly monitored by the Flying Squad, with the necessary counseling also being given on a regular basis.

Dulum said that since the lockout came into force, a movement of 628 people was recorded by the district administration today on 5th day of the nationwide lockdown, mostly consisting of suppliers of essential commodities from outside.

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“The lockout is going on with the full force and the movement of outsiders is being monitored strictly,” he said.

To deal with any situation that arises over the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, Dulom said that 4 public  facilities namely Bharat Scout & guide center and three Hotel viz Achi-Ama, Nemco, and Donyi Polo are being converted into quarantine center temporally.

“We currently have a total of 86 rooms available to us and 14 of these rooms at Hotel Achi Ama will be used especially to accommodate the staff, attendants, doctors working in the front,” he said

He also said that there is no need to panic or worry about the supply of essential commodities to the public while claiming to have sufficient stock including Pharmaceutical resources.

“There are a total of 124 fair price shops spread around the Capital complex that will deliver essential commodities and three online home delivery food and other essentials app were also put into service,” he pointed out.

“The public may occasionally experience a shortage of LPG but they need not fear as the stock will be replenished again the next day,” he said.

Earlier on the same day, DC also held a review meeting with petrol depot owners, LPG distributors, etc to get first-hand information on the stock of essential commodities.

He said all arrangements are in place to combat coronavirus and asked people to cooperate as India’s now going through incubation stage.

More than 150 grocery shops has been identified and directed to open and sell the essential items to the consumers and general public of capital complex.

The timing for shops has been regulated from morning 9 AM to 3 PM in afternoon and no people without any purpose will be allowed to loiter in public area. And roads to create any gathering which would attract social distancing. Dulom said.

Administration has arranged for disinfection and it would be started in a day or two. He added.

“The public need not panic as we are fully prepared for any situation arising on Novel Coronavirus.  Every aspect of the disease, its prevention, including the supply of essential commodities are being monitored at the highest level, ”said DC.


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