Itanagar: 37 Capital Cops Infected With COVID-19 Resume Duty After Recovery

Itanagar:  As many as 37 personnel of Capital Police infected with COVID-19 have resumed their duty following recovering from the deadly virus.

The 37 police personnel from ICR earlier tested positive for COVID -19 resumed duties after defeating the disease after being cured and discharged from CCC Lekhi and also after completing the home quarantine and were accorded “heroic welcome” on Friday.

The recovered cops were greeted with claps by Top officials of all ranks of capital police and staffers of Capital SP Office here at SP Capital office premises in a moving and motivating ceremony organised under the initiative of SP, Capital, Tumme Amo. The 37 Cops spent the last 1month battling it out with the disease in the Covid Care centre (CCC) and also at quarantine facility at Lekhi after tested for COVID -19 while on duty.

Speaking on the occasion, SP, Capital, Tumme Amo while appreciating their selfless devotion towards their assigned  public duties commended the brave cops for expressing readiness to resume duties upon their discharge.

” When the news of coronavirus first came out from Wuhan, China, we thought that the virus cannot be cured  and when it spread to other countries and India, we thought only with proper ventilator facilities those infected can be treated,  “SP pointed.

The SP who himself regularity monitored the health, medication  and eating habits of Cops during their stay at QF, said “looking at the number of police personnel  recovered today, it has now become clear that COVID 19 is not lethal as speculated and can be triumphed over by building strong immune system.

Meanwhile, the SP said also mentioned that despite present COVID 19 situation on top of  manforce bottlenecks, the capital police is largely capable of curbing the rate of serious  crime under the state capital.

SDPO, Naharlagun, Riki Kamsi who also tested positive for COVID 19, maintained that if your immune system is strong, there is no need to get bogged down once you diagnosed with the disease.

Kamsi also stressed the mental support provided by doctors and medical staffers during their stay in Lekhi.

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” Once a person gets the virus, more than medicine it is emotional and mental support is what needed the most, ” The SDPO underlined adding that stigmatisation will only add stress and trigger unwanted thoughts on COVID positive patients mind.

SDPO said that people should not discriminate positive patients, instead help them to overcome negative thoughts and themselves  follow the advice of the doctors and SOP’s issued on time to time by the government.

Furthermore, all the recovered cops were given Certificates as a token of appreciation handed over to them by SP, Capital, Tumme Amo.


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