Holy Relics of Lord Buddha Arrives at Golden Pagoda from Thailand


The Holy Relics of the Lord Buddha arrived on Monday at the Golden Pagoda (Kongmu Kham) from Thailand. Deputy Chief Minister received the relics from the airport at Mohanbari. The relics have been bestowed upon the Golden Pagoda as a gesture of goodwill to the people of Namsai district by His Supreme Holiness, the Supreme Patriach of Thailand.


A delegation from Golden Pagoda had earlier on 19 October was in Thailand to receive from the Sangharaja in Bangkok. It has finally been brought over by a 13 member Thai delegation.

The Deputy Chief Minister and the abott of Golden Pagoda Ven. Vimalatissa Mahathero had earlier written to the Sangharaja for bestowing the relics of Lord Buddha to bless the land and people of this part of the world. And very compassionately, the Sangharaja had granted to confer Golden Pagoda with the relics.

The Deputy Chief Minister while addressing the monks and devotees from both Arunachal and Assam who had assembled for the grand reception extended his profound gratefulness to the Sangharaja of Thailand as well as the Chief Minister Pema Khandu who had sponsored the reception of the relics in Thailand.

He was of the view that with the installation and enshrinement of the Holy Relics at the Golden Pagoda he was optimistic that the spiritual tourism will get a big boost and it has rightly coincided when the state government was giving utmost priority on tourism promotion.

The Deputy Chief Minister also said that the endowment of the Holy Relics to the Golden Pagoda was not only in terms of religious significance but a gesture to further strengthen the socio-cultural aspects of the Thai people and the Tai people of North East India which shares historical as well as cultural affinities. He was of the view that bonding between people of the two countries is the way forward to go about the Act East Policy and strengthening ties in the ASEAN region.

Ven. Vimalatissa Mahathero, the abot of the Golden Pagoda Monastery also extended his thanks to the Sangharaja of Thailand as well as the Chief Minister Pema Khandu and Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein for patronising for the recieving of the relics.

A member of the Thai delegation, Miss Guntalee Boonvorasset said that her colleagues were overwhelmed by the response of the people who had turned out in large numbers to receive the Holy Relics. The Thai delegation is here to take part in the 7th  Kathina Civara Dana of Golden Pagoda on 3 November next.

The relics have been recieved in two parts. The first one shall be installed and enshrined inside the Golden Pagoda while the other part shall be kept at the monastery for public viewing and paying obeisance.

The Sangharaja or Supreme Patriach of Thailand is the head of the order of monks in Thailand also known as the Supreme Sangha Council. The incumbent Sangharaja is Somdet Phra Mahamuniwong abot of the Ratchabophit Bangkok. The Buddha Relics Foundation in Bangkok is a notable trust under the patronage of His Holiness The Sangharaja of Thailand (Supreme Patriarch).Under this esteemed banner,His Holiness upholds the Buddha Sasana values and imparts welfare to all the Theravada fraternities worldwide.

Monks and devotees thronged Dirak Gate, the entry point to Namsai district at 4 pm for according a grand reception to the Holy Relics as well as the Thai delegation accompanying it. Later, another reception followed at the Golden Pagoda premises. The monks and devotees paid their obeisance and also accepted Panchasila on the occasion.


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