Heavy Rainfall in Tawang, Land slide in several places


Due to heavy rainfall for the last few days, landslides occurred at Tawang in several places damaging electric poles and disrupting the power lines in Tawang. This was briefed by Pema Khandu, MLA Mukto over telephone to the Chief Minister today.

Tawang MLA Tsering Tashi accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Duly Kamduk also informed the matter to the Chief Minister in his office this evening.

Chief Minister asked the Tawang Deputy Commissioner to submit details report of the landslide immediately.

While the Nuranang MHS Ph-I was restored on Wednesday–a day after it was shut down due to landslide at power channel caused by incessant rainfall. Both Civil and E&M department mobilized all its resources for restoration of MHS.

Temporary protection wall along the power channel has been provided, the department informed, adding that work of Kitpi Ph-I also was also in full swing, and is likely to be restored within few days

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