Heavy downpour and landslide created havoc in Kra Dadi and Kurung Kumey district

Heavy downpour and landslide created havoc in Kra Dadi and Kurung Kumey district while prohibitory order issued at Bhalukpong



Road communication in Lower Subansiri, Kra Dadi and Kurung Kumey, West Kameng have been badly affected owing to torrential rain and heavy downpour for last many days and landslide at various location in different parts of state.

Road between Koloriang to Palin have been severely affected owing to landside at several location and vehicles at several location are stranded due to landslide triggered by heavy downpour, GREEF who is maintaining the road is also facing lots of inconvenience in maintaining to the road.

Road traffic was halted at more than five to six hours today when the landslide at several location between Palin-Koloraing and it took hours together to go through.

DC Kurung Kumey Kanki Darang said that the traffic have been made through and 85 RCC GREEF authority are being asked to carry out restoration works on war footing and  maintain the road for vehicular movement. SDO Sangran and himself is coordinating. Moreover all government officers have been appealed to extend helping hand in case of emergency due to natural calamity Darang added.

Darang said that Block point at Kwaam Suko 2 KM from Sangram and another block point at Pungrung have been cleared and the stranded vehicles have been allowed to go.

ADC Kurung Kumey C. Chukhu said that few location near Sangram have been cleared and SDO Sangram is monitoring the restoration activities and the road between Koloriang and Sangran have been cleared for light motor vehicle which it would take few more time for heavy vehicles.

CO, Yangte attached with DC Palin Rido Tarak said that the road communication between Kra Dadi and Kurung Kumey is at the stake. There have been landslide at several location between  Palin and Sangram have been badly affected as the rain is continuous.

The most affected area are Mer, Choba, Old Palin and 2 Kilo. Last year the bridge was washed away at 2 Kiko and the situation have differed as the river Raghi river have diverted its course and is flowing over the road and a portion of the road have been completely damages and washed away. T working machine of GREEF have been completely damages. At 60 Camps the hill have been silted and a narrow road which was available on other side is also in danger position and only two wheelers and light vehicle have been allowed to go in day time but the rain is continuing and situation is not so good. There is need of more machine and the GREEF authority have been arranging some more machine from Itanagar or form Koloriang otherwise restoration activities will be badly affected tomorrow.

Meanwhile owing to continuous falling of shooting stone and landslide at various location the EAC Bhalukpong Tamo Riba modifying his earlier Executive Order issued on June 19 last have prohibited  the plying of vehicles on Balipara-Charduar-Tawang (BCT) road  (Bhalukpong to Zero Point/Nechipu) from  4 PM to 9 AM upto July 31st next.

He also said that the water supply restoration work have been affected due to heavy landslide at various location and the water supply to the township have been badly affected for last 10 days and the restoration works have not been successful.

EAC, Tamo Riba said that direction have also been given to police at Bhalukpong Checkpost as well as Police administration to adhere the order in the interest of safety and security of passengers and local people and to save the vehicle accidents in night which may lead to fatal. He said that written request of GREEF authority was considered  after lots of inconveniences faced by the commuters and several accidents reported so far.


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