Hamara Arunachal Abhiyan- interactive session held with the residents of Chimpu

Continuing with the objective of Hamara Arunachal Abhiyan to create a safe, secure, clean and green Itanagar, an interactive session with the residents of Chimpu held at the residence of Head Gaon Bura Tana Kuli.
In the meeting, the Minister Home Bamang Felix along with the local MLA, Techi Kaso, DC Komkar Dulom, SP Tumme Amo, members and volunteers of HAA were present.
The Minister while lauding the zeal and enthusiasm of the residents of Chimpu area especially the Chimpu Women Welfare Society for their untiring effort to create a clean Capital urged them to continue with the same zeal and enthusiasm.
He said that the CWWS has set an example in cleanliness  and hygiene for others to follow and urged everyone to learn such good things and to get inspired from each other.
He said that if we go on counting our problems, we would never be able to find solutions therefore it is necessary that we concentrate on finding solution on our own like the residents of Chimpu has done.
On request from the residents for installation of CCTV, the Minister said that the requirement for CCTV, street light etc would definitely be looked upon by them. He however urged the residents who are capable to install CCTVs at their own cost with atleast one camera facing towards the sector roads.
He hoped that such step would help in keeping check on  many unscrupulous activities from happening. The HAA is non budgeted programme of the govt. It does not give any scheme to the public. But it guides and facilitates public to take initiative and resolve their own problems by collective efforts.
The residents also gifted the Minister with a sapling which would be planted in his Official Bungalow.
The MLA said that as the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi is still followed even years after he’s gone, he hoped that in the same way the example set by the CWWS will inspire generations to follow.
He also lauded the CWWS led by President Tamchi Kumari for being the path leader and whose work has been recognised by many.
The DC also expressed satisfaction that the basic objective of HAA is being understood and implemented by every sector members. He said that the leaders of the sectors have been giving their best and urged them to continue with the same spirit. Major issues raised by them shall be attended to by the DA.
Dr D Koyu, one of the members spoke on the various do’s and don’ts regarding the COVID 19.
The representatives from CWWS and from the residents spoke about the need to have proper entry gates, CCTVs, etc. They also requested  for proper demarcation of ROW, to make the sewage treatment plant at Chimpu functional and also to take strict precautionary steps to check on the drug peddlars.
They also spoke about the need to have drug rehabilitation centre and proper awareness about the ill effects of having tobacco etc. They also thanked the State Govt for their initiative to create a safe, secure, serene, clean and green Itanagar through HAA.
 Yumlam Achung , SDFCSO and HAA member while welcoming all had highlighted about the various activities carried out by sector 1 Committee. He also lauded the CWWS who had been carrying such cleanliness activities since 2016.
Earlier, the team led by the Minister also visited Lower and Upper Chimpu where mass plantation had been carried out for a green Itanagar.


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