Governor Felicitates peoples working in Education Field


Representatives of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Arunachal Prant,  Vivekananda Kendra, Ekal Vidyalaya, Arun Jyoti and Friends of Tribal Society led by Dr. Bolet Jongkey, Working President, VHP called on the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh,  P.B. Acharya at Raj Bhavan, Itanagar on Tuesday. They briefed the Governor about their works and challenges in the State particularly in the field of education in rural areas.


Interacting with the representatives, the Governor felicitated them for their good works in spreading education in the far-flung villages. He said that maximum Government resources are allotted for education and roads but in both sectors, it is not up to the expectation of the people. The local people themselves have to improve the credibility of the government schools.

The Governor called upon the NGOs and the people to do away with monetary support and other assistance from outside. Begging will destroy you, your work culture and moral values. Stand on your own feet and be the change, the Governor said, while reposing his faith that the people have the potential and strengthen to do it.

“We are the only hope and we have to change the system and mindset which are eroding our society. Time does not wait for anybody. We have to stand against injustice in any form and at the same time walk fast. We have to prepare our younger generation for the future”, the Governor said.

The Governor emphasised on reinforcing spirit of fellowship amongst the people and with people of rest of the country. He assured the representative to assist them in such projects.

The Governor informed that Indian National Fellowship Centre, Mumbai is organising home stay in Mumbai-Pune for twenty youth from Puroik Community in the month of June.

The INFC at the request of the Governor will organise tour for them to ISKCON temple, Upanagar Shikshan Mandal, SNDT Home Science College, Juhu Chowpaty and beach, Bombay Darshan, Parle-G Factory & Excel Corporation, Rotary Club Bombay North, Jawahar and Pada to see rural Maharashtra and a community reliant village.

The team will be hosted by Mrs. Savita Thakur, Director, Vidhyanidhi Infotech Academy, Mrs. Anuradha Gore, Educationist and noted Marathi Author, Mr. Dilip Paranjpe, Chartered Accountant and Ms. Paarul Rajput, Sales Manager, Datamatics. INFC member Miss Pooja Kamath is coordinating the whole event. The State Government will bear the to and fro journey, the Governor added.


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