Freedom 251 Booking now free, Payment after 48 Hrs

New Delhi

There is tremendous enthusiasm to the masses with the Smartphone Freedom 251, at a price of Rupees 251 only. On the  first day millions of people tried to book this world cheapest smart phone online.  But according to Ringing Bell Director Mohit Goyal, 30,000 unit booked online, after the server crash that and company compelled to closed the online booking.

The world’s cheapest smartphone Freedom 251 booking is goingon on the second day.  But the booking rules have changed. Freedom 251 Booking is now free , and payment after 48 Hrs. Yes this true, now no need to make payment at the time of booking.  However, within 48 hours after booking, users will receive a mail from the company. In this mail company will provide a Link, the User have to make the payment with that Link, then after the  booking will be treated as Complete. The phone Cost is Rs 251, But user have to pay Rs 40/-  extra for Shipping Charges.

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