EKSWCO will monitor Govt Projects in the Districts


Confronted by various vexed issues prevalent in the district, the East Kameng Social Welfare Cultural Organisation (EKSWCO) have resolved to adopt a major reformative policies including to monitor the government major projects undertaken in the district on third day of its 39th Foundation and 7th General Conference at General Ground Seppa.

The EKSWCO, resolution came after heated debate over lapses and lack of quality of work in many projects. However, the resolution made it clear that monitoring team would confine their monitoring within major projects from Rs 5 crore onwards.

 Considering the social impact being caused by the 10 % interest rate money-lending trend in the district, the EKSWCO denounced 10 % interest rate and maintained that interest loan system shall be limited to 5 % percent and below.

On social audit on performance of legislators of the district, the EKSWCO arrived at resolution there would be debate and discussion over the performance report in every general conference of EKSWCO.

On revenge killing system, being presented by senior Advocate Pritam Taffo, EKSWCO strongly denounced the revenge killing system. It further resolved it keep faith on strength and purpose of law and continue its effort to reform the society.

 On the misuse of print/electronic and social media, the EKSWCO pledged to initiate a sensitization programme to create awareness among the people about right usage of the social media.  It also denounced the involvement of money culture and mortgage during the election and resolved to persist with its endeavour in discouraging the culture.

The organisation also pledged to work as active catalyst alongside with Government and NGO to root out the domestic violence from the district.

 Raising concern over rise of domestic violence cases reflected in the power point presentation presented by Phd Scholar Subi Taba, former Deputy Chief Minister Kameng Dolo called for total abolition of polygamy.  Dolo also called for responsible use of social media.

 Earlier, a memento and certificate were presented to EKSWCO team for outstanding contribution and promotion of  Swachh Bharat Mission(Gramin) in Arunachal  by the state government during the function. The memento and certificate were handed over by Parliamentary Secretary Tapuk Taku to EKSWCO Chairman Khya Safar Pao.



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