Doctor’s Rape Case: BJP MLA gets interim bail, Victim’s husband alleges Capital SP of delaying the registering of case

Alleged Rape victim’s husband demand cancellation of interim bail of BJP MLA Goruk Pordung. While demanded action against capital SP for delay in registering case.



The husband and relative of the rape victim has demanded cancellation of interim bail and immediate arrest of the allege accused who is a BJP MLA. The alleged rape accused MLA Goruk Pordung who have been granted interim bail today approached before the Women Police Station this afternoon.

Addressing the reporters here at Arunachal Press Club  (APC)  husband of the victim said that  the rape case of my wife is not a politically motivated and appeal the people not to provoke in social media. He said that it is very disheartening that he has done such incident with the wife of his best friend who have supported during his last election and helped him in getting win from the Bameng assembly constituency against the former Home Minister.

He said that I have sacrifices for him to contest the last assembly election as I have abide the party discipline, I did not file nomination and the money invested for the purpose was around 10 crore of which there is a paper signed by him in witness of others and he was supposed to pay. I send my wife to ask for the money and such heinous crime takes place, he said.

The incident took place on October 12, ” I was in  Seppa on that day for other purpose and I was informed of the incident. My wife is a doctor in the same assembly constituency from which Pordung is MLA from the ruling party” . said victim’s husband.

I am scared and if I am dead and he will be held responsible, victim’s husband said.

My wife is a educated, government servant and did not does unfair means and I have full faith in her. He said.

He allege several charges on capital SP Tumme Amo for delay in registering the case and also erasing of few word from the FIR copy of October 13 and carried two time medical to the victim in a single day. He said that the FIR was submitted by the victim at Women Police station and even it was delayed for a day in the name of investigation.

With reference to filing of clarification by the allege accused on October 13 night, victim  husband said that inspite of registering the case it was delayed  and it was due to SP Tumme Amo and demanded constitution of a committee and take necessary action against SP.

Victim’s brother also address the media and demanded action against SP and cancellation  of bail and arrest of the accused.

Later victim in her address narrated whole episode on the day of the incident and said that allege accused is a family friend and other occasion we have meet him as he is a MLA and I am also working in his assembly constituency. I have not meet him in Sept as claimed by him in the clarification letter to the police.

She said that he have called for discussion on the October 12 and she went near a city hotel being a government servant for promotion and development of Bameng PHC and other infrastructure development. The incident took place at the said hotel where he have threatened, assaulted and molested, tortured and others in night and demand justice.

she also said that we have discussion on the same issue at other hotel on earlier occasion.

On the other hand Quashing the allegations, SP Capital Tumme Amo said registration of the case was delayed as some time was needed to ascertain various possibilities before registering a case of such crime.

“In the FIR itself it was stated that the victim had gone to the alleged place of occurrence on her free will at that hour, so it was required to investigate before registering a case,” said SP, adding that he had clarified of the delay to the media persons earlier as well.

Furthermore, some senior officers were also consulted before registering the case however the case was registered within 24 hours of received of the FIR, added SP.

Clarifying the double medical checkup in a day, he said the first medical report missed out on the crux of the matter, which is a medical report on to ascertain the claim of forceful sexual intercourse. Further, he added that the necessity of another medical checkup was informed, in which the victim and her husband agreed to conduct another medical checkup.

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He informed that the accused has surrendered before the police with an interim bail that he availed today from the court.

He further added that the police have also received FIR today from the accused against the victim and her husband. He said that the matter will be consulted with other senior officers for further course of action.

Further refuting the allegations, SP said that they will unearth the truth without any biases and added that they are doing all the possible things to present the truth of the case.

Divulging the development of the investigation, he said that CCTV footage from the surroundings of the said hotel have been collected and are being investigated.

Earlier, the SP had informed that the CCTV footage of the said hotel could not be availed, saying that the CCTV of the hotel was not functioning at the time of the alleged incident due to technical issues.

He further added that CCTV footages of the various places where the accused and the victim had met as per the accused, have been collected along with receipts.

The allege accused have got an interim bail and with bail he has surrendered at Women Police Station and we will carry further investigation with  statement and other enquiry and other legal procedures as per law. SP added.



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