Dharmapur in Miao Circle Faces Drastic Flood Situation


villages of Dharmapur having  a population of 10260 (1789 families) under Miao Circle faces drastic flood situation every year but goes unaware from the eyes of the outside world as nothing is publish in any sorts of media about their flood menace. The villages which are surrounded by two mighty rivers, Noa Dihing and Buri Dihing had to counter the fury of both the rivers which erode the place from both sides. The people estimated that nearly 40% of their lands were eroded completely by the both river ever since they have settled in 1964.

Dharampur-erosionDue to the incessant rains in the last few days, just like many other parts of the state, Dharmapur villages are also submerged under water. And in the last two days, Buri Dihing River has opened a tributary marching towards the middle of the villages and joining the Noa-Dihing River at the other side. The new channel has eroded lots of paddy plantations in its way and several dwelling houses are on the verge of complete erosion.

On Wednesday, students going to school in Newton village have lost 5 bi-cycles when the Boat ferrying them met with an accident while crossing the Buri Dihing River. Since the villages have no Higher Secondary school, students either take admission in Miao town or in Newton village which lies across the Buri Dihing.

The same fate is with the M-pen village which is also in Miao Circle. The Village Headman of M-Pen has informed that they are not receiving even a slightest help from the administration. “if the rains continue to pour at the same rate till Monday, M-pen Part I village which consists of 250 families (600 population) will be totally washed away” informed the village headman adding them they need to be rescued and given reliefs.

He said that since morning the villagers are trying to call help from the administration but couldn’t contact anyone. Circle Officer, Ms. Namrata Bhatt is out of station in Tinuskia and EAC Ms. Lui Siba has recently transferred to Tezu. ADC phone is not reachable and CO Lungphi phone is switched off, informed the villagers.


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