David Lalringsanga takes charge as New Nodal Officer from Robin Hibu

New Delhi

New Nodal Officer for NE People, Mr David Lalringsanga took charge from Robin Hibu,  informed Hibu in a message to Arunachal24.

Hibu  appaised him all problems of NE people, need of an hour to be on toe, to be accessible, have deep empathy for poor and helpless ( victims)of  NE people.

… … I tried  give them HOPE & SOLACE when they ( NE people )  were in distress and in hours of reckoning,  said Hibu.

Sometime, I used to pat them, counseled them, educated them through awareness campaigns, scolded them, fought for them, even buried them when they died, cried with them..prayed for them…

For I know deep in my heart…. sometime, they are like abandoned and lost tribe in these cities. Hibu mentioned

You can reach new Nodal Officer David Lalringsanga by,… whatsApp to- 8130099015.

– Mail id of Nodal Officer :-

– Facebook – delhipolicefornortheastfolks

Need HELP ?
– Call Police Help -100
– Women Help- 1091
– Anti Obscene Help – 1096
– NE Helpline – 1093
– Helping Hands Queries by WhatsApp- 9810083486


  1. Introduced NE people 24×7 Helpline number 1093.
  2. Started NE Special Police Unit for security of NE by Delhi Police .
  3. Had first Special Recruitment for NE youth in 8 NE states capitals, 439 NE youth joined Delhi Police, 33% are NE girls.
  4. Got 21.2 acre of land alloted at prime New Delhi area for NE special Police Unit from Govt of India.
  5. Got alloted 23.5 crore of rupees from Ministry of women and child development ministry, Govt of India for iconic NE police building at alloted land having provision for auditorium, counselling, mediation, NE police station, NE food court, sports centre. Tender allotted to top company after globall tender.
  6. Introduced DPNER, Delhi police representatives for NE region from 8 states for assisting police and NE people in distress.
  7. Standing Order Procedure by Delhi Police for dealing with NE people based on zero tolerance crimes against NE people.
  8. Compulsory sensitization of NE issues/discriminations issues for all trainings for all ranks of NE people in all training schools and colleges of Delhi police.
  9. Started cultural sensitization in schools of Delhi for children of Delhi schools.
  10. Started sending Delhi police officers to NE states as cultural exposure of NE states.
  11. Started PCR patrolling by specialy designed PCR cars to NE populated area.
  12. Started as guardians for lonely females and youth employees at Delhi to prevent any exploitation in unorganised sector of private companies.
  13. Started NE Blood Bank in Aiims hospital for emergency blood for NE people in Delhi in collaboration with Helping Hands Ngo.
  14. Started free burials and cremations for unclaimed dead bodies of NE poor people in collaboration with grave yards at Dwarka, Burari and crematorium at Punjabi Bagh, West Delhi.
  15. Under CSR Intitiatives – Free Coffin Carriage to NE states for poor NE people by Indigo and Vistara airlines from Delhi.
  16. Started IAS Coaching for poor and briliant students from reputed coaching institutes ( Vajiram, Als, Elite) of Delhi under CSR in collaboration with Helping Hands Ngo.
  17. Started Youth empowerment by getting CSR sponsorship for training for budding artists of NE youth by noted film academy BKT.
  18. 51 Hospitals, diagnostic centres, xray/mri imaging centres in Delhi giving concessions ranging from 20% to 44% for poor NE employees working in unorganised sectors in Delhi and NCR in collaboration with Helping Hands.
  19. Conducted Special Camps twice for voting registration of voters cards for NE people in Delhi, Thousands have registered and got voting cards.
  20. Conducted special cancer screening tests thrice for NE people of Delhi in collaboration with Cancer Society of India and Helping hands .
  21. Our Facebook ( delhipolicefornortheastfolks) have hits of 1 crore and 49 lakhs within two year of launched in 2014 .
  22. Started 12 whatsapp groups for emergency assistance ( SOS NE, Lawyer group, core group, students leaders group, NE media group, crime victims group etc).
  23. Started rehabilitation for crime victims in collaboration with ex iitians entrepreneurs of Delhi.
  24. Selected as member of Bezbaruah committee for recommendations for safety and security of NE people.
  25. Member for Minster of Youth and sports for suggestions for promoting sports in NE states.
  26. Launched massive awareness campaigns through social media forums for safety, security and general trend of crime patterns against inocent NE people like vulnerability in unorganised sectors like spas, bpos, hospitality sectors etc. So far uploaded 786 awareness campaigns in different social media forums of NE people.
  27. Took initiative to rope in Gorkhas from West Bengal and other parts of India to avail benefits for of above facilities to them also.
  28. Started record keeping and monitoring of crimes against NE people in Delhi.
  29. Have represented NE migrants/diaspora issues in different national forums – to mainstream NE people problems in cities.
  30. Has collaboration with Pan NE Ngo – HELPING HANDS ( founded by serving NE IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS, Lawyers, entrepreneurs) for assisting abandoned NE crime victims, counsellings, financial assistance to poorest from voluntary contribution of members  for treatments, health camps, youth empowerment initiative etc). It has reached of all India, as volunteers and counsellors are spreaded all over India to assist any distress NE victims.
  31. Special visit by NE police PCR cars to abandoned NE ladies, divorces, lonely NE elders, and patrolling of area where NE people are living in large numbers in different colonies of Delhi.
  32. Regular meeting with NE students leaders, women activists, community leaders for awareness lectures on crimes, cyber crimes, labour laws, FIR, Internet frauds by experts.
  33. Regular meetings and interaction with States bhavans for better coordination for welfare of their citizens fro their states.
  34. Nodal officer personally monitoring serious crimes against NE people 24×7.
  35. Regularly reminding field formations of Delhi police for prompt assistance of NE people who comes to Police stations for justice and succour by writing DO”s letters personally, quoting SC, HC, SOP and MHA direction for tackling NE problems immediately .
  36. Conducting Hindi speaking classes for NE newly recruited delhi police personnel on holidays.
  37. Honouring and giving recognitions to those samaritans who helped NE people in their distress hours even from mainland Delhi .
  38. Massive THANKSGIVING PROGRAMME for those companies and airlines, who are giving concessions under CSR initiatives or carrying dead bodies free of cost to NE states free of cost
  39. Could convinced for Hindi bollywood blockbuster movie on racial discriminations/alienation of NE people in cities of India – KASAK by BKT Film Production House, where film stars like Saroj Khan, Udit Narayan, Harsh Kaur, Shilpa Bhawana, Arpit Gungun, Santosh Anand, Sidahant Sahebji are involved. Nodal officer is giving real life situations of helplessness, victims, discrimination, exploitation in their own country. Whereas, their respective 8 NE states do not give them much hope for better jobs prospect which will be announced on 3.5.17.
  40. Had taken up with Govt of India for career guidance, counselling, required upgaradtion of skill training for jobs, incubation of NE youth in cities, as so far, NE youth are left to fend themselves in cities.
  41. Had conducted open competition for NE PCR design, Angkang, Miss Rose won the prizes and their prize money are still to be disbursed in an appropriate occasion.
  42. Started NE Freedom Fighters Gallery in Delhi, which is first of its kind in Delhi for creating awareness about sacrifices of NE freedom fighter’s, who died for the country.
  43. Started visiting Tihar Jails by Helping Hands Volunteers from NE to help our jailed NE people for reformation and for giving them hope to start fresh in life.
  44. Created Pool of NE THINK TANK from all walk of life to represent us in INTELLECTUAL FORUMS and to RAISE OBJECTION on WRONG PORTRAYAL of our CULTURE of NE in DEMEANING ways, (Examples of semi nude portrayal of NE girls as NE dressage in south delhi or having garlands of mangoes as naga dressage by some unscrupulous fashion house in west Delhi, they had to cancel their show on our strong objection by NE think tank through social media campaigns).

– Tried my  best for wiping tears of NE people in distress in Delhi. …

I am touched by love, care and samaritanians spirit of NE people,  and those mainland people who stood by us when NE people are in distress.

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