Dambuk- The orange bowl of Arunachal Pradesh

Taste of Dambuk’s Orange attracts traveler, goes global  

Dambuk:  ( By Bishnu Rana )  If you are traveling to Dambuk in winter you will come across orange garden at the side of NH-13 and the hilltop which virtually called as orange bowl of Arunachal Pradesh.

Dambuk located at the mesmerizing hillock in the deep inside of Eastern Arunachal is known to produce one of the best qualities of oranges in the country.

The traveler can have a taste of it as the local vendors at the side of highway sells oranges. For the tourists and first time traveler it would be a wonderful and mesmerizing experience.

As a traveler, I was fond of tasting season’s first orange. When I reached Dambuk I happened to meet one of the roadside vendor name Kare Ratan doing her Final years BA in Economic subject from Shillong (Meghalaya) selling bucketful of oranges.

When I asked about her profession other then selling orange, she in dignity said that she should extend her helping hand to the parents during vacation or free time. “Since the COVID lockdown, I have been engaged in orange orchard to get bumper harvest and for that in every morning we along with parent climb hills which is far away to maintained the garden and today we sells it one orange in Rs 10/- and daily half days sale turnover is Rs 3000/-. It’s a means of livelihood and only major cash crop for us“, she says with dignity.

Dambuk- The orange bowl of Arunachal Pradesh


Another village lady said, she used to earn Rs 7000 to 8000/ in a day. “Most of the orange are exported and farmer mostly auctions the entire garden having large holding to outsiders. I have two acres of garden and getting good return during the season”, informs the vendor. The season has just started but the best time is December and the real taste of orange can be felt at that time but this quality is not best and just to meet daily expenses we are selling, she adds further.

Dambuk- The orange bowl of Arunachal Pradesh

The Khasi – Mandarin species of orange is predominant of its kind and is exported in quality. The Oranges of Danbuk in Arunachal went global, first consignment flied to Dubai in the year of 2018.

The famed juicy oranges from Arunachal Pradesh in the North-east have finally made it to the global market.

Other than this, the quaint valley followed with Orange Festival of Adventure and Music (OFAM) in winter every year that invites adrenaline and music junkies since 2014.


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