Covid-19 crisis: SWS blocked the entry of Senki colony


The Senkiview Welfare Society (SWS) blocked the entry point of the Senki colony on Saturday, inview of the spreading threat of Covid-19.  Actually despite strict order of state lockdown, youths from different colonies have been seen roaming around the riverside of Senki River, so to check the visits of youths to the river, SWS has taken this step.

Speaking to this reporter, general secretary of the SWS Kalley Cheda said that since the day one of the India lockdown to contain COVID-19 pandemic, many youths and teenagers in groups have been seen alongside the rivers drinking and taking bath.

“Despite, repeated request this youths are again and again coming to the colony. Therefore to check the flow of such groups, the committee has today constructed a gate so that they don’t enter the colony,” he said.

He said that the colony being in the extreme corner from the main town it makes easy for the youths from the nearby colony to enter the colony to roam around the river for various reasons.

Meanwhile, the Senkiview Youth Association (SYA) General Secretary Sono Tabri requested the people of Itanagar to stay home quarantine for the greater interest of the state.

The district administration has already banned any kind of fishing, hunting, celebrations and taking bath in the river side.

He said if anyone found violating the order will be directly handed over to the police.

“We don’t have any personal grudge or enmity against anyone but in this situation when the entire country is fighting against the invisible enemy, we don’t want any individual from the colony and my family be infected,” he added.


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