Coronavirus scare: JN state museum and Public library closed till April 5


In the wake of the growing threat from coronavirus ( COVID-19  ) the JN state museum and Public library will be  closed till April 5.

The state government of Arunachal Pradesh on Tuesday evening has ordered for closure of Jawaharlal Nehru state Museum till April 5.

The order issued by Secretary Cultural Affairs Remo Kamki said that JN State Museum being a focal point of visiting place of public, as it is frequented daily by mass tourist and general visitors from across the country and abroad.

The arrangement has been made as per government direction to prevent possibility of spreading of Corona virus (Covid-19). Therefore it has been descended to suspend public visit of JN State museum as a preventive measures to avoid huge flow of visitors. Kamki said.

Kamki further said in pursuance of government notification regarding possibility of outbreak and spread of coronavirus pendemic the public library services for its readers will remain closed till April 5, the normal duty of officers and officials will continue as usual.

Kamki further appeal the general public not to gather in such public place and remain safe and healthy and nothing to panic as state government is carrying has already in action.


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