Coronavirus preparedness: Screening will start at all check gates from Tuesday- Alo Libang

The health department is fully prepared to contain the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the state.


Screening for Coronavirus will started at Various check gate, Bus stands, Railway station and Airports etc informed, Alo Libang, health minister of Arunachal Pradesh. The minister on Monday called an emergency meeting with top officials of health Departments to review preparedness for Coronavirus.

Libang also informed that “Government has placed order for supply of mask and sanitizers as reported scarcity and preparedness after detection of few positive cases of Coronavirus in India.

Doctor Moji Jini, Director TRIHMS, said that necessary screening medical equipment has been arranged and screening would be done from Tuesday at railway station, Airports, Bus stations and check gates from Tuesday onwards He said a special ventilation system for the isolated ward would also arrive soon so that the if any cases detected than it can be quarantined within the ward.

Jini also said that an isolated ward  with six beds specially designed to keep suspected patients have been arranged  at Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Sciences (TRIHMS) and Bakin Pertin Memorial hospital at Pasighat East Siang District.

Interacting with Arunachal24,  outside the office of Directorate of Health Service at Naharlagun, State Epidemiologist, Lobsang Jampa said that  Just wearing a mask alone won’t protect you. The World Health Organization says they only work if you also practice frequent hand washing and other preventive measures.

“The disease transmission goes from a cough or sneeze to a surface to your hand to your face, and that’s how people get infected,” said health experts.

 “As there is no single case detected in the state, instead of getting panic  we should join hands together to root out the threat we are confronted with,” added Dr. Jampa.

Dr Lobsang Jampa recently attended a crucial training on the corona virus outbreak with three other senior official of Health department. Dr. Jampa will impart training on the preparedness of the coronavirus to health officials in other districts also.


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