Coronavirus: Preparedness meeting held at Seppa

DC advised all departments to write advisory messages on COVID-19 disease....



East Kameng DC Gaurav Singh Rajawat convened an emergency meeting with district surveillance unit and all other stakeholders to review the preparedness of the district to prevent and tackle the possible outbreak of  Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) disease today here at Seppa.

Assessing about the preparedness and status of emergency facility and quarantine centres, DC Rajawat urged the health department to be alert and prepared and directed for sensitization and training of all health and Anganwadi workers, private clinics and police personnel to deal with prevention and management of occurrence of any kind of untoward cases related to coronavirus outbreak.

Suggesting for sensitization of general masses about the disease, DC advised all departments to write advisory messages on COVID-19 disease and steps for preparation of home-based sanitizer as footnotes in every official communication.

Suggesting the health department to circulate dos and don’ts of the disease among masses, DC directed the department to put in place a mechanism of surveillance and contact tracing through Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme. He also directed for early constitution of a committee for close monitoring of infected patients and a rapid response team for effective and swift action.

Enquiring about the availability of PPE and other health kits, DC suggested the DF&CSO to keep a close watch on the prices of commodities and directed him to procure and maintain sufficient stocks of sanitizers, disinfectants, mask and other essential commodities.

Advising all not to be panic, DC directed the health department for close monitoring and early detection of the situation. Suggesting a travel advisory for people, he urged the transport operators to cooperate with the district administration in fight against the disease. Exhorting all stakeholders to remain vigil, he also urged all NGOs, CBOs and religious-based organizations to extend their cooperation in implementation of all kind of precautionary measures.

As informed by the health department, no case of COVID-19 has been reported in the district as of date.

SP Piyush Fulzele, SDO Atin Padung, DMO Dr. Lal Chand Darung, MS-cum-District Surveillance Officer (IDSP) Dr. Kopi Gyadi, CO Pooza Sonam Natung and host of HoOs and govt. officials, WWO President Mone Taba, EKCC&I President Tasang Taku, Secretary BWC Kaku Welly and representative of EKSWCO were also present and shared their views in the meeting.


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