Coronavirus Lockdown: Locals demand ban on import of fish and meat from Covid-19 hotspot areas of Assam


Coronavirus Lockdown- The people of the Banderdawa area demanded complete ban on import of fish and meat from Covid-19 hotspot areas from Assam. They hold a protest on Sunday  here at the Banderdawa check gate in support of their demand.

They were demanding a complete ban on the import of fish and meat from COVID-19 hotspot districts in Assam such as Lakhimpur, Hailakandi, Kamrup, etc as a precautionary measure against the proliferation of novel coronavirus or COVID-19.

“Banderdawa being the gateway to the state capital and located in interstate boundary has become more vulnerable as far as further transmission of the COVID-19 virus is concerned. It is imperative to take stringent precautionary measures to contain any possible outbreak of disease, ” opined Tache Lombi, General Secretary, All Arunachal Pradesh Gaonbura-Gaonburi Welfare Association (AAPGGWA).

A protestor asserted that while security personnel deployed at the gate for properly checking  the movement of people during the daytime, however, alleged that ” during the night time outsiders illegally sneak into the Arunachal territory”.

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He asked District Administration to double the security personnel at two main entry points to thwart any possible influx in view of the rising cases of coronavirus in neighboring states.

SDPO, Banderdawa who was present on the spot said that police are on a high alert and doing their best to keep the public safe.

” We have sealed all entry points and people are allowed to enter after getting screened by medical team debuted at the gate, ” the officer said.

Talking to Arunachal24 , Komkar Dulom, DC, Capital Complex  said he has passed an ordered not to allow vehicles carrying  fish and meat  in capital complex from specified Zones of Assam and other parts of country.

He also said we are working on to prepare the quarantine facility at PTC and if anyone comes  from outside state will be directly send to 14 days quarantine,  if in any case there is any relaxation in Assam and our people and students come back to state they will be directly send to quarantine at PTC Dulom added.

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