Coronavirus crisis: IMA-AP launches a campaign “Mask for all” 



Coronavirus crisis :- The Indian Medical Association, Arunachal Unit (IMA-AP) on Wednesday has launched a campaign with the theme “mask for all ‘ to encourage every citizen to wear homemade masks everywhere they visit if mask not available at Market.

Announcing the launching of the campaign, IMAAU, president, Lobsang Tsetim claimed that wearing a mask can drastically reduce the transmission of the virus to a greater extend.

Justifying its claims, he referred to documentation made by the Czech Republic and center for disease control and prevention, one of the apex health care institutions in the USA who suggested that wearing a mask could reduce infection up to  80 percent.

He also encouraged people to make their own facial coverings to ensure that surgical masks and higher-end respirators are reserved for frontline medical staff.

He asserted that there is a shortage of masks for the health care professional and opined that the state government should conserve N95 and other surgical masks only for frontline warriors only.

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Also admitting that testing kits and protective gear for the medical staff still remain acutely short in supply, he appealed innovators, weavers,  tailors, SHGs, NGOs, and like-minded citizens having the idea to prepare a homemade mask to come out and help the nation to fight against the virus.

The IMA state unit asked the people asked the public to come out and support the state government/ health care professional /police during this time of crisis.

The launching programme was held at Heema Hospital here, the team of doctors and executive members of IMA-AP distributed hundreds of mask to the patients and roadside people and also to the police and security personnel on duty.


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