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Chirang- ABSU Observes Anti Terrorism Day



The All Bodo Student’s Union  ( ABSU ) on Sunday observed the Anti-Terrorism Day with a message   like ” we want freedom from Terrorism”  and  ” Stop Terrorism and We want Peace” at Goybari in Chirang district.

Chirang- ABSU Observes Anti Terrorism DayIt must be mention here that ” the All Bodo Students Union since 1996 from the day of the demise of Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary, the then President of ABSU, the 30th of July has been observed as the “Anti-Terrorism Day”.  This day is observed against all forms of terror acts and ABSU is determined to change the society and the nation to make it terror free, with the peace as the enduring part of human being.

Today the programme Begins with the Flag Hoisting of All Bodo Students Union by Pramod Boro, President, ABSU.

In his speech he has stressed that all forms of terrorism has to end and give the humanity a space amongst the people to live with freedom in peace. It is known that there are physical and mental terrorism in the whole world, which is committed for the cause of political, economic and social consequences prevalent in the society. The only use of weapons and terrorism is not the only one to be put an end to terrorism but also the social impacts such as the witch hunting is also one form of terror prevailing in the Bodo society which must come to an end. Further all types of terror that crops up affecting the human being as well as the after terror impact is the most consequential impact of terror. Hence, it is necessary the government as well as every human being stand against the terrorism.

Pramod Boro stated that the Assam BJP government had promised before election to end all extremist problems but nothing has evolved past 3 years of Assam government. Through this observation of Anti-Terrorism Day we appeal the government and common people to shun violence and end all forms of terror acts.

Floral tribute at the tomb of Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary by his keen (wife) Bhanumoti Basumatary followed by the leaders of ABSU and other distinguished personalities.


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