Chief Minister Kalikho Pul welcomes peace initiative in Tawang


Chief Minister Kalikho Pul today applauded the peace committee meeting conducted by the Tawang deputy commissioner that was attended by the local MLAs, panchayat leaders, monks and members of student unions.

He welcomed the initiative and expressed his thanks to all who had attended and lauded it as a visionary step in resolving differences through peace and dialogue. “There must always be a way by which we can communicate our feelings, only then can we think of resolving whatever issues there may be. Dialogue is the only way to move forward.”

 The CM said what had happened was extremely unfortunate and while we are deeply saddened, yet we have to look ahead. He appealed to the people of Tawang and its adjoining districts to continue to work together with a shared vision so that not only the region but the entire State can achieve greater glory.



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