Chief Minister Kalikho Pul visits Ziro General Hospital


With the aim to familiarise himself with the public health system across the state and its operational conditions, Chief Minister Kalikho Pul, has been making several visits to the hospitals and other medical institutions including Ziro Gen Hospital, where he found the hospital infrastructure to be in deplorable condition and with acute shortage of manpower, equipment and machineries.


The existing hospital building is five decades old with hollow walls, fractured floors and poor water supply system.

Chief Minister Kalikho Pul visits Ziro General HospitalExpressing exasperation at the poor infrastructure, inadequate equipment and manpower, the Chief Minister assured complete overhaul of the hospital.

He asked the health authority to submit a comprehensive proposal mentioning all requirements such as medicines, manpower, equipment and machineries including all renovation works and new constructions if need be.

The CM asked the authority prepare proposal purely on need base, and said that the government would fund for a complete proposal rather than for piece-meal requirements.

He inspected the eye operation room and the working conditions of the equipment.

While on way towards examination room, he stumbled upon steel materials lying on the path. Annoyed, the CM directed the authority to auction or dispose all unused equipment and machineries so that more rooms can be created. Also he instructed to conduct social service on Saturdays to keep the hospital compound and buildings clean.

Chief Minister Kalikho Pul visits Ziro General HospitalHe also visited the blood bank, sisters’ duty room and the examination room. The hospital had 800 unit of blood, which the doctors mentioned that it was more than sufficient. On enquiring about the power supply to the blood bank, the doctors informed that it was powered by solar and main power line.

During inspection of the X-Ray room, the doctors informed the Chief Minister of lack of specialists such as Radiologists, Medicine specialists and ENT surgeon.

The CM visited the maternity ward and neonatal intensive care unit. He found the operation room with leaking roof that had completely drenched the floor due to heavy downpour in recent days. The Chief Minister asked the authority to bring along the department engineers for complete survey for such renovation works.

He also visited the operation theatre, where he was informed of equipment shortages such as Boyle’s Apparatus, C-Arm, digital LED shadowless OT light, Autoclave and Incinerator.

Taking round of the hospital, the Chief Minister met few patients at the patient ward. He asked them about the facilities being provided and sought to know if they were satisfied with it.

The CM urged upon the need for the hospital system to be monitored more stringently, and assured that the government would do all its best what it can do provide best health care facilities.



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