Chakma Hajong Issue: Arunachal Govt respect emotions of people- Pema Khandu


Chief Minister Pema Khandu today categorically stated the State Government respects the emotions of the people and does not move away from its stand on the Chakma Hajong issue.

Speaking at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the state’s apex students organisation, All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU), here at Indira Gandhi Park, Khandu appealed the people to wait and watch the ongoing Assembly proceedings, which is expected to raise the issue of Chakma and Hajongs of Arunachal Pradesh in view of the Supreme Court’s directive to grant them Indian citizenship.

“I will not say anything today. The 14th session of the 6th Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly is on. Watch its proceedings live on TV and in the next couple of days you will see for yourself where the state government stands on the issue of refugees and their status in the state,” said Khandu.

He said enough has been debated about whose fault it is for settling Chakmas and Hajongs in Arunachal Pradesh but enough is enough and it was time to act.

“Our government is here not to run away from challenges but to face them and resolve them,” he said while indicating that there’s no time left to play the ‘blame game’ but to unite and take on the refugee challenges together.

On the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy (TRP) too, Khandu said that the Assembly would come out with a consensus and appealed all not to weigh the Chakma-Hajong and Tibetan issue on the same scale.

“These are two separate issues. However, we are alive to the sentiments and apprehensions of the indigenous communities of the state and we represent them, not the refugees,” he affirmed.

Citing the debate on a Private Member Resolution on Industrial Policy in the Assembly, Khandu said the state government will re-visit the policy and have consultations with every stakeholder. He said discussions on it will not only be confined to the Assembly but the government will discuss and take concrete suggestions from experts, intellectuals, officials, social activists and community based organizations outside the Assembly before coming out with a revamped policy.

The Chief Minister also made it clear that while developmental projects like hydro projects and industries are necessary for revenue as well as employment generation, these will not be implemented at the cost of environment, community land and their livelihood.

Urging the student community to stress on education while keeping alive to happenings of concern around them, Khandu said the government is committed to improve the quality of education and quality of students.

He pointed that AAPSU in its fifty years of existence has produced several legislators, politicians, state level officers and even a Chief Minister but hardly any IAS, IPS or IFS officers. He said this needs to be taken seriously by student leaders while celebrating fifty glorious years of the Union.

While informing that Arunachal Pradesh has recently been awarded the ‘Best State in Education’ by the India Today Group, Khandu however expressed concern over the diminishing number of students in government schools as per a survey by Niti Aayog.

“We have decided to scrap the no-detention policy in schools as provided by the RTE act so that we have quality students coming out of government schools,” he added.


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One Comment

  1. Mr. Prma khandu Ji.
    We are also human beings, we have also feelings and emotions.
    What kind of principles you follow which makes you to lose humanity over politics?
    Have you ever had empathy over our sufferings? Are you aware about how your buddhists have been tortured and repressed by the administration? Have you ever realized what kind of pains and sufferings we went through when the govt administration set ablaze our dwellings and killed our brothers and sisters which went unreported?

    I hope you are enough capable having enormous wisdom, is it impossible for you to find a solution where all the human beings can co-exist and make arunachal a peaceful developed state?

    It really hurts me a lot to see your reflections of non-buddhist cultures. Because you are not trying to solve the issue amicably taking into consideration the interests of all.

    Please do not forget that WE TOO ARE HUMAN BEINGS##
    Lets not spread hatred. Spread love and compassion towards every living beings.

  2. Trying to understand the EMOTION thing of CM Khanduji. Generally, EMOTION is generated at heart, not at head when something unexpected happens or happens after toiling hard. Not to talk of Chakmas’ EMOTION as they travelled over 1200 km when their lands got submersed at CHT, of course no denying that EMOTION must have been felt by tribes in NEFA as new neighbours joined them in 1964. Eventually, as days passed by, things normalised towards lasting peace and harmony. However, as anti – foreigner movement started in Assam, hunt for victims reached the Chakmas of AP, drastically altering the peaceful atmosphere to hatred and Jingoism. On the other hand the artificially created EMOTION paved way to lucrative business for few vested interest politicians and political aspirants. There started new trend in AP- Work less, talk on Chakma Hajong issue, play the crusador, fool the public, make money in crores/corruption and enjoy LIFE. After all, EMOTION sells, not DEVELOPMENT.

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