Black Fungus Infection Found in Covid-19 Patients in India

ICMR issued health advisory


NEW DELHI- A fungal infection called the “black fungus”  or  Mucormycosis  in medical term  is being detected among some Covid-19 patients in some states of India. The disease often manifests in the skin and also affects the lungs and the brain. Experts in the national Covid-19 task force on Sunday issued an evidence-based advisory on the disease.

“black fungus”  also called Mucormycosis, infection, can damage the sinuses or lungs when the spores are inhaled, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)  said in a health advisory issued Sunday.

Warning signs for the fungal infection include pain and redness around the eyes and nose, shortness of breath, bloody vomiting and an altered mental state, the ICMR said.

Doctors were advised to monitor the afflicted person’s blood glucose levels and to use clean, sterile water in humidifiers used for oxygen therapy.

The ICMR warned against overuse of steroids, indicating they could worsen the infection.

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