ATCO dropped demand of creating Abotani Tradition and Culture department


The Abo Tani Clan Organisation (ATCO) today dropped three demands among the four points in its charter of demands following a meeting with the deputy chief minister Chowna Mein on July 11.


Apart from its demand for creation of Abotani Tradition and Culture department, ATCO chief advisor and spokesperson Taba Taku said that “they are satisfied with the government and will discontinue its three demands.”

He said that though the state government has already initiated the administrative process for creation of Abotani Tradition and Culture department, but they will be monitoring it.

The organization had earlier demanded creation of Abotani Tradition and Culture department, revision of Revised Estimate 2016-17, initiation of construction work of Green Field Airport, and implementation of minimum wages (Labour wages) as per the central government announcement.

Taku, who was addressing a press conference at Arunachal Press Club here, informed that the Green Field Airport project has been handed over to the central government who are looking into its development through a committee, the labour wages has already been enhanced by the state government during late Kalikho Pul government.

Regarding the revision of Revised Estimate 2016-17, Taku said that deputy chief minister has assured to look into the matter and has also assured of equal distribution of funds in Revised Estimate 2017-18.

Meanwhile, ATCO president Yamra Taya refuted rumours against the organization that it is trying to bring down the Khandu led government.

Stating that the rumour started when they initiated signature campaign among the legislators belonging to Tani clan, Taya said that the signature campaign was strictly for generating consensus among the Tani clan legislators for creation of Abotani Tradition and Culture department.


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