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Assam: ‘Staying fit during post COVID Time’

Guwahati-   A webinar on ‘ Staying fit during the Post COVID Times’ was held by Royal Global University with external speakers Ms. Kavita Pandya, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Rajasthan Cricket and Bangladesh Cricket, previously BCCI (Indian woman team), Ms. Shreya Adhav, Sports Nutritionist, Founder of SpirEat – Sports Nutrition Clinic, Dr. Sanjeev Mandare, Head, Department of Physical Education, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, on 10 June 2020 from 02:00PM – 03:00PM.

They were was joined in their deliberations by Prof.(Dr.) S.P.Singh, Vice Chancellor,  Prof.A.K.Buragohain, Chairperson-Academic, Dr.Ujwal Bhattacharya, Associate Professor & Co-ordintor, RSMAS, along with 500+ faculty, staff and students of RGU as well as from across India.

Prof.Singh, a National level Baseball player representing Uttar Pradesh, started his deliberation on his favourite topic ‘sports’ being the backbone for healthy people in body, mind and spirit. As an academician, it has been his fervent persuasion to inculcate sports into every student’s life as part of the syllabus and pursue it according to their interests.

He laments the fact that COVID 19 had postponed the Association of Universities All India Baseball competition, but he stressed that RGU was future ready to host it. Professionals and students must attain healthy lifestyles as ‘health is wealth’ and to attain the zenith of success, one has to unlearn, relearn and apply it in life as ‘there is no short cut to success’.

He also said that ‘a family united in healthy practices survives all impediments’. Prof.Buragohain reiterated the fact that to remain productive in one’s domain, a fitness regimen has to be religiously followed. Sleeping and eating right is prima facie the path to keeping a fit mind and train the mind for a healthy work life balance.

Ms. Kavita, mesmerized by the positivity in the webinar, stated that being a coach has exposed her to all worldwide climatic and cultural conditions where staying fit was the only norm. Indoor/outdoor exercises for players with nutritious diet is followed strictly for best results and is the doorway to keep diseases at bay.

Ms. Shreya stressed on 5 important points on weight gain and metabolism; hydration; physical activity; stress, screen time and sleep and requested all to never try any diet without a dietician’s recommendation.

Dr. Sanjeev enthused that to fight an invisible enemy, a strong immune system was highly recommended to avoid HTN, DM or cardiovascular diseases. To achieve that one has to start by walking around at home; walking up and down staircases; doing suryanamaskar; keeping the waistline thin and release fatigue after exercises as endorphin is released and a person feels good.

Dr. Bhattacharya stated that ‘fitness is like a relationship’ which gets better with time by staying fit. Unlock 1.0 of Lockdown has enabled people to share the human library and unlock myths about fitness regimes as proven by 80+ years people fighting COVID 19. He also said that ‘the gut is the second brain’ in a body and stool was a determinant of health.


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