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Assam: second day of virtual orientation for UG new students in RGU

Guwahati: Prof. Saket Kushwaha, Vice Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh, Dr.Sanjukta Parashar, IPS, SP in National Investigation Agency (NIA), Prof. (Dr.) S.P. Singh, Vice Chancellor, RGU, Prof. Alak Buragohain, Academic Chairperson, were speakers in the second day of virtual orientation for UG new students.

Dr. Buragohain, emphasized on the historic times the present generation is living through and the integral role technology has played to connect students, teachers and others from the remotest corners of the world through online meetings, mails and posts, thus helping to disrupt the continuity of challenges posed by COVID-19.

He reminded the students that, since ‘humans without values were machines’, their purpose was to gain knowledge, acquire skills, values and ethics during their association with this institution that takes pride in proactively generating solutions which is well reflected in the mannerisms of operation of Royal Global University that saw no alteration or compromise in the academic calendar and just a shift in the mode and platform of imparting knowledge. He encouraged the students to not undermine their knowledge and guaranteed support to each and every single student at all times.

The session, inaugurated by Prof. Singh, then welcomed the agricultural economist Dr. Khushwaha. Speaking on ‘Ethics of Studentship’, Dr. Khushwaha enlightened the participants on the process of elimination explaining that each one’s position in life should synchronize with the pressure and power that came with it. He highlighted the imperativeness of correct recording of facts in the minds of learners and the crucial role played by stable ‘happiness’ and ‘pleasure’ indexes.

He reminded the students to be content but continue to dream higher, and to strive to strike a balance between the two, generating a win-win situation for themselves. Imparting to the fresh Royalites, the idea and significance of the ‘need to learn’ and reflection of skills through certificates and other documents, he urged students on the whole to discourage the ‘Fire Brigade’ attitude.

He signed off by laying emphasis on the crucial aspect of each one knowing their own duties with their rights and the need for a correct reflection of one’s talents and knowledge through their marks, which can only be attained by earning them and not begging for them.

Dr. Parashar encouraged students to not feel limited by the choice of subject they zeroed it on and always be open to attaining knowledge from other areas. She shared with the students her mantra of ‘Patience, Integrity and Efficiency’, reminding them to be realistic of their dreams and the relevance of SWOT Analysis as a means to realize them. She urged them to have faith in the process and not fish for loopholes or shortcuts as they wouldn’t generate sustainable results in the long run


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