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Assam: ‘Covering the distance from campus classes to virtual classes’

Guwahati-  Training and Capacity Building (TCB), a division of Quality Control of India(QCI) New Delhi in association with National Accreditation Board for Education and Training(NABET) conducted a webinar on ‘Covering the Distance from Campus Classes to Virtual Classes’  with Prof. (Dr.) S.P.Singh, Vice Chancellor, Royal Global University as the lead speaker along with Mr.Karan Kumar, Head-IT,  O.P.Jindal Global University, Mr.Anurag Shah, Controller of Examinations & IT, NIELIT moderated by Ms.Vanita Yadav, Director, NABET on 13 May 2020 from 12-1PM. It was attended by more than 600 students, staff and faculty of different universities and schools.

Prof.Singh addressing the query on understanding the nuances while adapting from campus/classroom learning to online learning outlined the transition RGU undertook from 17th March with the active participation and coaching by the IT-Team of RGU, much before any inkling of a lockdown due to COVID-19.

He further stated that the pro-active and well- exposed  faculty started to undertake online classes without major glitch, as online classes or internet backed classroom activity is a much practiced norm in teaching pedagogy at RGU. Faculty and students have been facilitated to avail the various online modes of teaching & learning and has been conducting digital classrooms through RoyalNet, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting Skype, Google classroom, Youtube.Online resources available on SWAYAM, E-PG Pathsala, UG/PG MOOCs, SWAYAMPRABHA and other platforms were also used.All students of RGU were contacted by phone for feedback of online classes,syllabus completion,availability of study material and difficulties faced.

Problems of students were resolved on one to one basis only very few students across remote areas of Northeast where connectivity issues were not resolved were addressed through hard copies of study material sent to them. Some Practical classes which could not be conducted online are to be conducted once university opens in June as per UGC guidelines and as Assam is still in Green zone.

He discussed in detail on the initial hiccups faced by some senior faculty, above 60 years, which through intensive online training videos rid them off their inhibitions and braced them to take online classes at times with the help of young tech savvy faculty of same school. He also spoke on challenges and remedies during these COVID Times of syllabus completion, assessment and revision for those whose courses are practical based like Architecture, design, engineering, sciences, etc and enthused that the future belonged to the hybrid education mode and more secured education environment in classrooms are to be created.

Joining him, both Mr.Kumar and Mr Shah reiterated that COVID-19 has changed the conventional norms of education and is instrumental in changing the future of classroom teaching and examinations. Secured online platforms maintaining the sanctity of education is the demand which is being addressed by IT firms across the world.

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